landscaping companies in san diego

Landscaping companies in San Diego are a great resource for important lessons about effective landscaping. This is due to San Diego’s unique and unforgiving climate. Many landscape designs that would require very little maintenance elsewhere, would be unsustainable in San Diego’s desert-like climate. Landscapers in the area are therefore privy to important strategies and tricks designed around the area’s harsh climate.

Landscaping Companies in San Diego Support Good Horticultural Management Practices

One of the main mistakes landscapers from other areas commit is to prioritize aesthetics at the expense of everything else. They would choose plants and borders with irregular sizes, thus making mowing around them difficult. Or they would choose to ignore trees that have low limbs because it looks good, without taking into account that the limbs could poke eyeballs of people. Or they design walkways too narrow that it encourages people to trample the adjacent soil.

You won’t find any of those practices with Landscaping companies in San Diego. For example, Water Wise Landscape values safe and sustainable landscape designs. This means landscapes that pose no hazard to people and pets, while remaining friendly to nature and requiring as little maintenance as possible given the situation.

Inspect Materials Before Introducing Them to the Landscapers

This is an all too common mistake among landscapers. In many cases, they willingly trust that the products are exactly what the packaging or what the supplier says they are. Simply taking a few minutes of your time to inspect shipments can prevent a lot of avoidable yet serious problems. For example, hard goods such as mulch, soil, and compost should be inspected for weed seeds, road salt, chemical residues, or other foreign elements that will eventually cause long-term problems. The same is true of plant materials, which can also include disease propagules and pests coming along for the ride. You don’t want these nasty foreign elements making a home in your landscape and thriving.

Only Use Plants that Can Survive the Place

This is a very important lesson that landscaping companies in San Diego know by heart. In very hospitable areas, landscapers can go all out and pick any plant they would look beautiful but in a desert city like San Diego, the choices are limited. You CAN use any plant they want, but there’s a chance they’ll be nothing but an ugly, decaying mess in less than a month. Choose plants that are perfectly suited to the desert environment. Some of them may look unsightly on their own, but proper placement and use of other elements can turn them into works of art.

Hire Professional Landscaping Companies in San Diego

Landscaping is an involved, and fairly expensive undertaking. It might not be the kind of thing that you’d want to turn into a trial-and-error DIY project. If you want to avoid any costly mistakes and potential harm to your property, contact Water Wise Landscape and we will give you a FREE no-risk, no-obligation estimate.